Welcome to Service Dogs For Independence"

At Service Dogs for Independence, we are here to help you gain your self-sufficiency back. Our goal is to make you and your loved one’s life easier through mobility by our professionally trained service dogs.

Our Mission Statement:

Just as every disability varies from one person to the next, we believe each of our service dogs should be uniquely trained in their own area of service. This allows a professionally trained service dog to be available for each person’s specific medical needs.
Our educated and committed staff take the time to listen to you and your needs, in turn, allowing us to help determine which service dog training program suits you.

We have service dogs that are professionally trained as:

  Autism Service Dogs Mobility Dogs  
  Anxiety Service Dogs Psychological Service Dogs  
  Diabetic Service Dogs PTSD Service Dogs  
  Hearing Dogs Seizure Alert Dogs  
  Helper Dogs Vision Impairment Dogs  

This is just some of the multiple disabilities our medical service dogs our able to assist with.

Our Director Elizabeth Morris researched many service dog companies, in and out of the United States. By doing so, Elizabeth aided in our ability to bring you the best possible solution for you and your service dog needs.

Our team has not only developed a program that allows us to train a service dog per your disability’s needs, however, we offer something other companies do not. Our goal is to deliver such offering to you.

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