Renting Your House as a Dog Owner

Renting Your House as a Dog Owner

Renting houses and other homes with dogs can position an obstacle, however, it’s possible. Property owners beware about letting pets (particularly dogs) reside in their rentals. Unfortunately, many of them have actually been burned by negative past experiences. Whether you are a dog owner trying to find a rental home or a tenant thinking of getting a dog, here is what you need to know about leasing with dogs.

For the Dog Owner Seeking To Lease

If you already have a dog and need to rent a house, be aware that your search can be a bit tougher than it is for the typical tenant. Ensure you are truthful about your dog when speaking to possible landlords about rental units. If you are using a representative to help with your apartment search, make sure he or she knows all about your dog. The last thing you need is to fall for a location just to discover that your precious dog is not enabled.

If your potential landlord is on the fence about your dog, then a letter of reference from a former landlord mentioning that you are an accountable dog owner may be actually valuable. You might also want to ask your veterinarian for a letter that states you keep your dog healthy.

Once you believe you have actually discovered the ideal leasing, make certain you review the pet policy in detail. Before you sign that lease, you need to be sure there isn’t anything in the small print that could be a problem. The biggest things to ask about are deposits/fees and size constraints. Nevertheless, make sure to acquaint yourself with all the information about the policy.


For the Occupant Who Desires a Dog

If you’re ready for a dog, congratulations! Before you get your hopes up, make sure you are enabled to have a dog in your rental house or apartment or condo. The first step is to take out your lease agreement and take a look. What is the pet policy? If the lease states “no family pets,” it may worth a shot to approach your landlord or landlady about the matter.

If your property manager says yes to the dog, there are more concerns to ask about the pet policy. Exists a weight or size limit? Are young puppies enabled or only adult dogs? How much for the pet deposit? Exists an extra month-to-month fee? What are the rules for keeping a dog on this home (where can the dog be walked, etc.)? Make sure you understand all the information and can agree to comply with the policy prior to you pick your brand-new dog. If you wish to keep your lease, you will need to be an excellent renter/pet owner.

If your property manager says that a dog is not enabled, then you just have 2 alternatives: Do not get a dog or relocate to a pet-friendly rental. Don’t take the threat of getting a dog and trying to hide it as this is likely to backfire. The worst thing you can do is break your lease and end up with a dog but no house.